DAPYWorld Guidelines

What You Can Buy and Sell on DAPYWorld

In order to keep our marketplace as focused and clutter free as possible, please limit your listings to items related to Dance, Aerial, Pole and Yoga. These include apparel, costumes, equipment and accessories. Items may be new or pre-owned.

Who Can Sell on DAPYWorld

We strive to make DAPYWorld your one stop shop for all of your Dance, Aerial, Pole and Yoga needs.  Whether you are a designer, a manufacturer, a store owner or simply an individual with too many sports bras, you may set up a seller account and list any and all DAPY related items on our marketplace.

Seller Obligations

Legal Rights to Sell Items Listed If you do not own an item or otherwise have the legal rights to sell an item, it may not be listed on DAPYWorld.

Legal Rights to Use Copy and Images Only upload photos that you have taken or that you have permission to use. If there are any people in your photos, you must have their permission prior to posting the photo. Likewise, any copy used in your item descriptions must be written by you or you must have permission from the writer.

Authenticity If an item is listed as a particular brand, it must be authentic. We do not condone the listing of fraudulent items.

Honest and Thorough Descriptions  Be completely honest and accurate when describing your item and include as much information as possible to help buyers with their purchasing decision. Be honest when listing the product condition and include photos of any damage, no matter how minor, in order to manage your buyers’ expectations and to lower the risk of a dispute.

Double and Triple Check Your Listings Once a buyer purchases your item, you are obligated to ship that item, whether or not you have listed the correct price or shipping costs. Please make sure that you have made sure everything is accurate before submitting your listing.

Timely Shipping Buyers are excited when they make a purchase and the sooner they can get their product, the better! Please make sure to ship your items in a timely manner, generally within 3 days of purchase. If you will be out of town for more than a couple of days, you can enable “Vacation Mode” on your store settings to avoid sales during that time.

Buyer Obligations

Unless noted on the individual item or store policy, once you purchase an item, the sale is final. Although individual sellers may choose to offer a return policy at their own discretion, many of our sellers are individuals who will lose time and money on returned items.  If there is a discrepancy between the listed item and the item that was received, we encourage you to work out a solution with the seller directly. If you fail to reach an acceptable solution, you may contact us to intervene. Intervention will be done at the discretion of DAPYWorld admin.  

DAPYWorld No-nos

Listing items that aren’t related to the worlds of Dance, Aerial, Pole and/or Yoga.

Listing counterfeit items.

Selling used underwear.

Selling hazardous items.

Finalizing a transaction off-site.

Trading items.

Collecting personal data or information.

Harassing DAPYWorld sellers or customers.

Soliciting DAPYWorld sellers or customers.

Trading items.

Using Dapy or DAPYWorld logos without permission


Violating our guidelines can result in penalties. Depending on the severity of the violation, penalties will range from requiring corrective action to a temporary or permanent ban of your account.

If you see any violations of our guidelines, please email us.