Buying on DAPYWorld


Shopping is easy on DAPYWorld! You can browse by category, search the product catalog for specific keywords or simply browse by clicking on the “Go Shopping” button.  You can narrow down the products by using the filter on the left side of the screen.  Some of the products may be purchased by simply adding them to your cart, while others are being offered as auction items and will go to the highest bidder.


For non-auction products, you will simply click on the “Add to cart” button on the listing.

Some products will allow you to choose a color, a size, a finish or other options so make sure you select the options you would like prior to adding the item to your cart.  When you are finished shopping, click on the Shopping Cart link at the top of the page.

From there, you will be able to view the items in your cart, make any desired changes and see your total charge including any applicable tax and shipping.  Once you are ready, click the “Proceed to checkout” link and see the section below on “Completing Your Purchase”.


If an item in the store listing has “Starting Bid” under its name, that means it is up for auction to the highest bidder:

When clicking to view the item, you will see the pertinent details. See the key below for information on each of these items.

  1. Starting Bid
  2. If the seller is willing to sell the item for a “Buy Now” price prior to the auction ending, you will see that price listed. If you would rather purchase the item at this price instead of taking your chances on an auction, you would click this button to add it to your cart. The product will remain live and available to someone else to purchase it until you have completed your payment.  Setting a Buy Now price is optional for the seller, so not all items will have a Buy Now price.
  3. Time left until the auction is over
  4. If a reserve price has been set, there will be a note indicating whether or not the price has been met. The reserve price is the lowest price the seller is willing to accept.
  5. This is where you can indicate how much you are willing to bid. DAPYWorld uses proxy bidding which means you can enter the highest price you are willing to pay, but if you win you will only pay the lowest price required to win the bid. For instance, if you bid $25 for an item with a bid increment of $1 and the highest competing bid is $18, you will only pay $19-just enough to win the item.

If you decide to use the “Buy now” option, you would proceed to check out as described under “Buying Non-Auction Items”

If you would like to bid on an item, use the + and – keys to set your maximum bid price, then click the Bid button. You will receive an email confirming that you have placed a bid. If someone else bids higher than you prior the auction ending, you will also receive an email notifying you that you have been outbid. When the auction ends, if you are the high bidder, you will receive an email confirming that you have won the auction and providing you with a link that you can use to enter your payment details.


After clicking on the payment link in your email (or “Proceed to checkout” if going through your shopping cart), you will enter your billing and shipping address(es) and any notes you wish to include with your order. When finished, click the “Proceed to payment” at the bottom of your screen.

On the next page, you’ll be able to review your order one final time and enter your payment information. DAPYWorld accepts Credit Cards via the secure Stripe interface as well as PayPal. When you are finished, click the “Place order” button (or the “Proceed to PayPal” button if using PayPal) to complete your order.  You will receive an email confirming your purchase. When the order is shipped, you will receive another email letting you know as well as tracking information if applicable.

Leaving Feedback

We urge you to leave feedback for your items to help other shoppers as well as helping the sellers who you love. To leave feedback after you’ve received your item, go to your Account Summary page, click on Orders, find the item you wish to leave feedback for and click the “Leave Feedback” button.